Entourage is a 2015 American comedy film written, directed and produced by Doug Ellin, and serves as a continuation of the HBO television series of the same name. It stars the principal cast of the show, Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven, and follows actor Vincent Chase, who goes over budget on his directorial debut and must ask newly appointed studio head Ari Gold for more money. Like in the series, many celebrity sportspeople and actors appear as themselves, while several supporting cast members from the show reprise their roles.


After it was confirmed the series would end in 2011 with season 8, Ellin and the cast expressed their interest in doing a feature film. After script and production issues, the project was officially announced in 2013, and filming began around Los Angeles in February 2014.


Entourage was theatrically released in the United States on June 3, 2015. The film received generally negative reviews from critics and grossed $49 million worldwide, against a production cost of $39 million.


Just nine days after the finale of the show, Vincent Chase has separated from his wife and throws a party on his yacht, with his friends E, Johnny and Turtle joining to cheer him up. Wishing to do something new with his career, he calls his former agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold, who offers Vince a leading role in his first studio production. Vince says he will only star in it if he directs. Eight months later, Hyde, the directorial debut by Vince, is in the middle of post-production and is over budget by $15 million. Needing more money, Vince asks Ari if they can get an additional $10 million to complete the movie. Reluctant, but wanting to please him, Ari flies to Texas to meet the co-financiers of the movie, Larsen McCredle and his son Travis, to convince them to invest more money into the film. Hesitant, Larsen sends Travis with Ari back to Los Angeles to see a cut of the film at Vince's private screening.

Vince has second thoughts on the rough cut and cancels the screening out of fear no one will enjoy it. He later gives Ari and Travis a copy of the movie for their viewing. Ari and Travis enjoy the movie but Travis requests that Ari cut the scenes with Vince's brother, Johnny "Drama" Chase, out of the movie or he will not give the film the extra money. With Ari giving him no answer, Travis puts the post-production on hold. Vince and Eric "E" Murphy visit Travis to come up with a solution, but this results in Travis saying he did not like Vince's performance either and wants the entire movie to be redone with a new lead and director. In addition, studio CEO John Ellis removes Ari from the production.


The boys soon realize the reason Travis is angry over the movie is that he discovered that Vince is secretly dating Emily Ratajkowski, whom Travis is infatuated with. Learning of this, Ari interrupts Ellis in a boardroom meeting with Larsen and Travis with this information. Surprised, Larsen says he will stay behind the movie but mandates the condition that Ari is no longer working for the studio because, although he agreed his son was being juvenile, Ari had disrespected his son. During this time, the boys are at the hospital as E's ex-fiancée Sloan goes into labor. Sloan gives birth to a girl, Ryan Murphy, resulting in Sloan and E deciding to get back together and vowing to make it work this time.


As the boys celebrate, Ari arrives at the hospital and announces that he resigned, and in lieu of his severance, he has negotiated part of the backend grosses. Hyde becomes a box office hit, grossing over $450 million worldwide. At the Golden Globe Awards, Drama ends up winning the award for Best Supporting Actor. Stunned, Drama goes to accept the award and is silent for a moment before yelling his trademark Viking Quest phrase, "Victory!!!"


In a mid-credits scene, Ari's former assistant Lloyd has his wedding and Ari gives him away. When the group gets together for a picture, Billy Walsh suggests that they should make a film (or TV show) about the lives of Vince and the gang.